Welcome to Nocturne, my Yue shrine in the making. ^^ As you can see, it is not complete... right now, the only thing that is up is the image gallery, but I thought that it would be better to put it up instead of letting it rot on my harddisk.

The gallery contains every single manga Yue image (129 b/w and 5 color). Because of this, you can consider this gallery as one big spoiler, so if you don't know the entire plot of Card Captor Sakura yet and don't want to be spoiled, don't visit it. ^^

All images have been scanned by me except the color one from artbook 3 (color5.jpg), which was scanned for me by a friend (thanks Eien!) since I don't have the third artbook yet. The source of the images is the Italian translation of the Card Captor Sakura manga: because of this, the images are mirrored and there's Italian text on some of them.

The gallery is thumbnailed; the thumbnails do not show the entire image.

Please do not take these images and put them in your own image gallery; if you want to use them on a layout, feel free to, but link to http://www.kicie.net/nocturne/ somewhere on your page saying you got the images from here. Please do not direct link to the images.