v.1 // yuzuriha
The first layout for my blog. The character featured in the layout is Yuzuriha Nekoi, from the manga X by CLAMP. Actually, before this I had created another layout for the blog, featuring the same character, but since it sucked, I never used it.
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v.2 // für Elise
The second layout for my blog. It took me forever to make it work properly (stupid scroll script! --;;;), but I'm very happy with the result.
The music score in the background is Für Elise. God, I love that music *_*
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v.3 // iris
Third layout, featuring the very yummy Yue from Card Captor Sakura. Originally, in the image I used there was another character, which I edited out. It took me a long time, but I like how it turned out. It was non-popup (yes.).
The idea for the layout title came from my mother, who said that the flower petals in that image looked like iris petals. ^^ That, and there are some lyrics from the song "Iris" (from the City of angels soundtrack) hidden in the layout.
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v.4 // senza ali
Fourth layout, featuring Giorgia, one of my favourite singers. The image came from the booklet of her latest CD (entitled Senza ali - hence the title of the layout). I added the wings to the image, though.
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v.5 // faery queen
Fifth layout, the first with no splash page and no frames. I added permalinks and a side column to the right, listing other blogs I read and various other stuff. The character used in this layout is Viktoria, from the Thief videogames.
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v.6 // daydream
Sixth layout, featuring Will, the main character from W.I.T.C.H., a mangaish Disney Italy magazine. ^^ I like it, though it's maybe a little too pink for my tastes.
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v.7 // women and cats will do as they please...
Seventh layout, featuring one of my cats. ^^; This layout, in a slightly different form, had been sitting on my harddisk for months before I finally decided to complete it and put it up. I quite like it.
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v.8 // I won't hurt you... honest.
Eight layout, featuring a picture of me - or rather, of my behaviour in IRC - drawn by one of my friends. Hence the title. ^^; Most people said it's scary.
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v.9 // watching over you...
Ninth layout, featuring a picture drawn by Akemi Takada. It's quite simple, and I like it a lot.
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v.10 // ...so take me     I want happiness...
Heh ^^ Evidently I didn't like the previous layout that much, I got bored of it pretty quickly. It was too white, I think.
This layout features an image of Suu from Clover (by CLAMP). I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.
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v.11 // violet
Probably my favourite layout so far. The image was scanned in from a book on flowers I have, and then heavily edited. I didn't know which color scheme to use, so I just picked two colors at random from the flower. ^^;
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v.12 // change the world
Twelfth layout, featuring Inuyasha and Kagome from the Inuyasha anime. The image was found on the net, and heavily edited; the layout also had some lyrics from Change the world (Inuyasha OP). It's blue, and I like it. ^^
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v.13 // autumn
This is where I regret my hard disk being the All-Encompassing Clutter From Hell and not taking a screenshot of this layout when I pulled it down. I still have the image files for this layout, but the html file is nowhere to be found. Therefore, the screenshot for this layout is simply the title image - I would have had to rebuild the html from scratch to take a screenshot of the whole thing, and I didn't feel it was worth it. I still like this layout a lot though, so who knows, maybe someday I'll rebuild it. ^^
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v.oddity // wedding penguins
^^; This is all the fault of a friend of mine. When he learned I'd bought a Tokyo Babylon artbook, he dared me to make a layout with the "wedding penguins" image that can be found in the artbook. As part of the dare, he made a layout with the "santa claus penguins" image from the same artbook. Therefore, this layout was born. ^^; It was rather shortlived, as you can imagine, and didn't even have a proper version number.
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v.14 // all that is gold does not glitter
Now this one I liked a lot. I was in my Lord of the Rings fangirl phase, having just seen the movie, so how could I not make a related layout?
I had originally planned to make a Legolas layout, but scrapped that idea because of the lack of decent layoutable Legolas images around and because every bishounen fangirl and their little sister was drooling after Legolas and had made a layout featuring him. So I picked Strider instead. Mmm, Strider.
The image was scanned from a book on the movie I bought, and to complete the image I used the "All that is gold does not glitter" poem, written in a Tengwar font. The bar that separated the links column from the main blog text was the same poem, in the same font.
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v.15 // you will never see me
The longest-lived of all my blog layouts so far, my favourite, and the first one I did entirely from scratch. The stone in the image is a stone I own; I scanned it in (yes, I put the actual thing in my scanner), then heavily edited it. The text on the image (not that you can read it in the screenshot) was written by me, as well.
I still love this layout, and regretted pulling it down - but it had been up from February 2002 to October 2002, and needed to be changed.
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v.16 // the flames are calling
This layout was based on a photo I took in September 2002 with my new digital camera. ^^ The photo wasn't edited at all, I just added the text to it. I like it a lot, even if it's not the kind of layout I usually do (I don't usually use yellow and orange on black).
The font used for the titles is Scriptina, my new favourite font (I also used it on the first wingedspirit.net layout) even if it's a pain in the ass to use because of all the decorations the letters have.
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v.17 // and we come alive in the spring
Another layout based on a photo I took. I hadn't wanted to pull down the previous one that badly, but several months had passed, it was spring, and the need for a new layout was there. The photo wasn't edited much, I just pixelated the edges a bit; the poem on it was written by me.
The font on the image is Insula.
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v.18 // let me stay
This layout is based on a photo I took in July 2002. It marks two changes: the change of the name of my weblog, from "Angelica" to "Winged", and the change of the publishing software I use for it, from Blogger to MoveableType. This is also the first layout I really used CSS extensively on.
The fonts used are LainieDaySH, which I've used on a lot of layouts recently, and Sevenet7.
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v.19 // please remember me
Based on a photo I took during my holiday in Croatia in the summer of 2003. The photo wasn't edited at all, except for resizing and fading the borders a bit. (Can you tell I'm really proud of that photo?)
Once more, the main font used in the layout is LainieDaySH, paired with Redensek on the lyrics (from Loreena McKennitt's "Dante's Prayer") that run across the image.
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v.20 // when will spring come?
Yet again based on a photo taken by me (spot the trend yet? I've decided all material I will use on wingedspirit.net will be created by me). This layout was an utter nightmare to code, for some reason the CSS wasn't cooperating, so it took me three days to make it look like I wanted it to look consistently across all main browsers.
One thing this layout incorporated though that I'm proud of is the use of PHP to control which text displays on which page. I'd never done something like this before, and I'm amazed I managed to pull it off.
The font used on the layout is again LainieDaySH; the small poem on the title image was written by me.
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v.21 // after the rain
Not very spring-like, instead brownish and rainy - but it stayed up for all spring and a good part of summer 2004. The day I took the photo, it had just stopped raining and it was evening, so I ducked under the birch tree in my garden and took a few photos. I liked this one so much I decided to use it in a blog layout.
The font used is once more LainieDaySH.
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v.21 // summer now
The photo for this layout was actually taken in May, but it matches the summery mood quite well. Not much else to say about this layout, except that a layout for wingedspirit.net was made with the same photo, only cut differently and with a slightly different color scheme.
The font used is GoodDogPlain, and for once, the layout doesn't really have a tagline or poem on it.
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