v.1 // Mokuren
This was the first layout of my domain, featuring Mokuren, a character from Please Save My Earth. It took a long time to choose the images and color scheme for the page, and finally I settled on two different color schemes: pink for the main page, yellow for the FAQ. ^^
Splash page - Main page - 404 page - FAQ page

v.2 // Laura
The second layout, featuring Laura Pausini, one of my favourite singers, to celebrate the release of her new album. This layout is the first to have a customized, coordinated guestbook. (Megabook rocks!)
Splash page - Main page - 404 page - Guestbook

v.3 // what's in a name?
The third layout. I was suffering a severe case of webdesigner's block - I wanted to create a new layout, but nothing but ugly things would come out ^^; Then one day, while I was on the train, I overheard a conversation between two girls about the book The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco (btw, go read the book if you haven't read it yet, it's great). And that's when the idea for the layout hit me. ^^
Splash page - Main page - 404 page - Guestbook

v.4 // winter edition
The fourth layout. At first it didn't look anything like this - infact, it was little more than a carbon copy of the last layout, with different images ^^;; I was about to scrap it, but I loved the rose image used here so much that I totally remade the layout just to be able to use the image.
The only thing I didn't change at all was the guestbook layout, where I simply changed the images and the text and link color.
Splash page - Main page - 404 page - Guestbook

v.5 // ...sing and cry...
The fifth layout, again featuring Mokuren from Please Save My Earth. I like it a lot. I was just fiddling around with layers in PaintShopPro and this is what I came up with. ^^
Splash page - Main page - 404 page - Guestbook

v.6 // tare panda!
The first bright, cutesy layout for my domain I've done in a while. ^^; I actually had another layout ready to be uploaded, but it was mostly black and grey, and I didn't like it much. Perhaps I'll reuse that one next winter, who knows.
This layout features the incredibly cute Tare Panda.
Splash page - Main page

v.7 // :)
Another light colored layout, featuring a group of characters from Please Save My Earth. This layout was dedicated to all my online friends. Sappy, I know ^^; But I like it a lot.
Splash page - Main page

v.8 // ...look up...
This layout features a photo of a temple in Agrigento (Sicily) taken by me. It took me forever to make this layout look decent, and I still don't think it does that photo justice. ^^
Splash page - Main page

v.9 // first anniversary
This layout marks the first anniversary of my domain. It features Arisu, from Please Save My Earth. I like that picture a lot, and I left it mostly untouched. The lyrics on the page are from a song from the anime version of Please Save My Earth. It's slightly misaligned in Netscape 4.7, unfortunately, but there was nothing I could do. It's still navigable, anyway.
Splash page - Main page

v.10 // sleep and let sleep
Tenth layout, featuring a cat image drawn by a Japanese artist (I forget the name) which I found on the net. Before this layout, I played with at least four different images (including one from Magic Knight Rayearth and one from Kakan no Madonna), trying to create a decent layout, but failed. ^^ I like this one, color scheme and all. The title came from the quote used on the layout: "...he seems the incarnation of everything soft and silky and velvety, without a sharp edge in his composition, a dreamer whose philosophy is sleep and let sleep".
Splash page - Main page

v.11 // the sound of her wings
Woohoo. Death. ^^v I love the Sandman comics, and Death is my favourite character.
Funnily enough, this layout started as a layout for my blog, but it wasn't working like I wanted it to so it was "recycled" into a layout for my collective. I like it a lot, even if it is more than a bit morbid.
The two images I used for the layout were scanned by me from my copy of "Death: the high cost of living" and then edited (very heavily in the case of the ankh used on the splash page: I'm still very proud of that one). Two quotes about Death (spoken by Dream, Death's brother) were also used on the layout.
Splash page - Main page

v.12 // pilgrim
I had been wanting to make a Kenshin layout with the lyrics of "Pilgrim" (by Enya) for a while, and I finally made it. ^^ As with the previous layout, it originally started as a layout for my weblog; it morphed into a collective layout without me noticing. ^^; I really like it, and I think it's going to stay online for a while.
Splash page - Main page

v.13 // memories
Ahh... back to basics. First layout in quite a bit that doesn't use the splash page + frameset combination. The image and quote used on the layout are from Fruits Basket, currently one of my favourite manga. There isn't much else I can say about this layout, except that, even if it's sad, I like it a lot. ^^
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