Hello and welcome to Nostalgia, the repository for the old layouts of all my webpages. Use the links on the left to navigate. Clicking on the picture on the left will take you back here. Enjoy!

kicie.net is my anime domain and collective.
wingedspirit.net is my personal domain and collective.
wings was my old collective before I got my domain.
get the picture? is my scans gallery.
words is the site that contains the stories I've written.
wind spirit is a shrine to Sailoruranus.
this world of mine is my photolog.
winged is my blog.
nostalgia is this site (obviously).
thieves is a group blog.
thiefLOGS is a ring for blogs of Thief fans.
wallflower is a site of wallpapers and winamp skins.
Guestbooks & 404s contains all the standalone guestbooks and 404 pages I've designed.
misc contains miscellaneous layouts, such as ones I made for sites that are now closed or that never even opened, or sites that are unlikely to change layouts.


disclaimer: The photo used in this layout is © sailoreagle. All layouts featured here are © sailoreagle. All original artwork featured in the layouts is © sailoreagle. All non-original images and characters featured in the layouts are © their respective creators.