Reflection v.1
This is the layout I used for my personal page (which is now dead and buried). This was the first layout I coded entirely by hand, frames included, and so I was very proud of it. ^^ The character featured in the layout is Mokuren, from Please Save My Earth. I might reuse this layout sometime... I still like it a lot.
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Timewasters Inc.
Timewasters Inc. is a small weblog I sporadically use to note down the addresses of fun online games (hence the name). It is unlikely it will change layout anytime soon, it even spent half of its life with a standard blogger layout, so it gets filed under misc instead of having its own section.
The images were made from Tetrinet blocks. ^^
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Nocturne is a Yue shrine that didn't quite get completed. ^^; The image gallery is up, but it's doubtful anything else will ever get done on it... which is why it doesn't have its own section anymore.
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