v.1 // garrett
First layout for the group blog, featuring Garrett, the main character of the Thief videogame (heh, the blog is called Thieves for a reason...) There isn't much to say about this layout, really. I like it, and my friends like it (even though they complained they wanted Viktoria and not Garrett on the layout...)
Oh, and yes, we're as nuts as we look from the screenshot. ;)
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v.2 // viktoria
Second layout, featuring Viktoria, another character from the Thief videogame. I like it a lot, but my friends say it's scary... they're never happy. They wanted Viktoria, they got Viktoria, I can't see why they're complaining. :p
I got rid of splash page and frames and added a column to the right, listing our details and a few favourite links.
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v.3 // star wars
Third layout. I was bored of Thief-based layouts, so I decided to use images from the Star Wars: A New Hope manga (drawn by Hisao Tamaki). I think it's cute. ^.^
Incidentally, this was when I finally found a way to put the archive links on the main page. ^^
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