v.1 // plain
This was the first layout I ever created, and boy, was it ugly. ^^; I had absolutely no clue on how to edit images, so I didn't use any image on the layout. It was, if I remember correctly, black text and blue links on a white background, with a table to organize the links to the subpages.
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v.2 // clouds
Slightly better, but still ugly. By the time I created this second layout, I had learned how to edit images, and as a result, this layout was so full of images it was a nightmare for the loading time. Thankfully, I had the good sense of creating a version with no images, for people with slow connections. It used a cloud image as a background.
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v.3 // wind spirit
Third layout. This is the one I put up when I totally overhauled the site, changing almost everything (name included, from "The realm of the winds" to "Wind spirit"). It uses only manga images, all blue-tinted. This is actually the second version of the layout, as the first had a problem that caused the image of Sailoruranus on the main page to break in smaller resolutions.
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