v.1 // I want to fly...
First layout for my personal domain, featuring Vendemiaire from The Wings of Vendemiaire, a little known manga by Mohiro Kito. I scanned the image from my copy of the manga, then colored it a bit (originally it was only the line drawing) and added the titles (which took me a while to position correctly... a suggestion, don't use the Scriptina font if you don't have time to waste). It's very simple (only the main page) and has a coordinated 404 page.
Main page - 404 page

v.2 // stairway to heaven
Second layout, hastily cobbled together after a server failure took down my whole domain, deleting all my files. For what it is, it's not that bad, and I like the photo I used in it.
Main page

v.2 // meow!
Ah, now this I like a lot. It's made from a photo I took of two of my cats in 2002, when they were still kittens. I don't think there's anything I dislike about this layout... I like the colors, I like the photo, I like the simplicity of the code.
Main page

v.3 // bright new year
Very quickly thrown together on New Year's Day, in the wee hours of the morning, soon after taking the photo of fireworks that graces it. What can I say... I'm a geek, I make new layouts on New Year's rather than going to sleep after midnight :P
Main page

v.4 // so this is summer
First layout in almost eight months... I figured it was time for a change, since the previous layout had been up since New Year's Day, and finally found the time to put this layout together.
I also made a layout for Winged, my weblog, using this same image, only cut differently.
Main page