v.1 // angel
The first layout I created for my collective. It lasted about three days ^^; I didn't like it much, so I created another one as soon as possible. The angel image was scanned from an ad I saw in a magazine.
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v.2 // fairy
I liked this one. It lasted for about a month. The fairy image was scanned from this beautiful book full of fairy images I bought while in Milan.
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v.3 // karura-oh
Another short-lived layout ^^;; It lasted only a week. I didn't like it that much, it was very plain compared to the others. I liked the title effect though. In case you were wondering, the character in the picture is Karura-oh, from RGVeda, a manga by CLAMP. She's one of my favourite characters from that manga, along with Kujaku.
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v.4 // hope
I like this layout a lot, and it stayed up for nearly three months ^^; It used a painting by René Magritte and a poem by Emily Dickinson. I had wanted to do a layout using them for a long time, but I couldn't figure out how ^^; In case you're wondering about the title, well, the whole idea for the layout spawned from a saying of my country (Italy), which associates the color green with hope. The poem by Emily Dickinson compares hope to a bird, and in the painting by René Magritte green birds are depicted... the link was pretty much obvious at this time ^^; This is also the first frames layout I'm really proud of.
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v.5 // kotori
This layout was the last layout I created before I moved to my domain. It features a lovely image of Kotori, a character from X, a manga by CLAMP. At the time, I had the same image as a desktop background.
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