Usage notes and faq

All wallpapers and skins are free for your personal use. Please do not redistribute them without my permission (this includes putting the wallpapers / skins on your site). Please do not use my wallpapers as a base for a webpage layout.

Q. What programs do you use to make the wallpapers and skins?
A. Paint Shop Pro 7. I do not use a skinner to create the winamp skins, I edit them by hand.

Q. Will you make me a wallpaper/skin if I give you a picture?
A. If you are one of my friends, sure. Just give me time, and don't whine if the result is not so perfect. :p If you are a complete stranger, no, sorry.

Q. Can I put your wallpapers/skins on my site?
A. Email me and ask for permission, saying which wallpapers/skins you will take (not all of them) and giving the url of your site. After I've given you permission, you can put them on your site, but remember to give me credit.

Q. Why are the wallpapers only 800x600?
A. Because that's the resolution I use, and I made those wallpapers mainly for myself.