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Monday, June 25, 2001

Min Rho is one of those people who has an unnatural abilty to wield photoshop like putty.

[ Fat Burrick + 6:36 PM + link ]

Wednesday, June 20, 2001

Rarr, looking good! Nice work, eagle ^_^XD

[ Iggles + 10:47 PM + link ]

First IRC quote since the new layout!

<Paz> ffs... Audiogalaxy died again
*** Thwark has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
*** The`Llama`Shops is now known as Thwark
<Fat-Burrick> If Thwark was called Audiogalaxy, I would be calling you pyschic, as well as sexy, Paz.
<Thwark> w00t!
<sailoreagle> lol
*** Thwark is now known as Audiogalaxy
<Paz> I'm the kinky clarvoyant
* Audiogalaxy seduces Paz with promises of free illegal MP3s
<Fat-Burrick> With Potato skins
<Fat-Burrick> NOOOOOO
<Fat-Burrick> MY PAZ
<Fat-Burrick> !
<Paz> Mmmm... rare b-sides
<d0om> heh
<sailoreagle> hehe
<Fat-Burrick> Don't give in Paz!
<Paz> Show me your unreleased tracks baby, oh yes!
<Audiogalaxy> ;-)
<Fat-Burrick> BASTARD
* Audiogalaxy shows a little leg.
<Audiogalaxy> lol
*** Audiogalaxy is now known as Thwark
<Fat-Burrick> Fine then
<Paz> w00t, previously obscure Polish releases w00t!
* Fat-Burrick leaves the bill for Paz to pick up

[ sailoreagle + 9:16 PM + link ]

This layout's images were scanned by me and come from the Star Wars Episode IV manga drawn by Hisao Tamaki. You can find some information on the Star Wars manga here. The font I used for the title is called Distant Galaxy and was found here.

Enjoy the new layout, guys. :)

[ sailoreagle + 8:55 PM + link ]

Han-solo is just as good :)

[ d0om + 8:41 PM + link ]

Sorry d0om, no decent Darth Vader images that go with the layout I've nearly finished... Han Solo will have to do. :p (Don't complain, the burrick has Chewbacca.)
One C3PO Iggles coming right up...

[ sailoreagle + 6:35 PM + link ]

If I'm allowed to choose a character? C3PO :-)

And I think I've told you about my dream where I was chased around Thieves Guild by three guards with Keith Chegwin (infamous british "comedian") faces.. :)

[ Iggles + 3:35 PM + link ]

Ah well, I've been infecting your brain, sorrey hon :p Hmm characters..Darth Vador would go with the nick "d0om" I guess :p

[ d0om + 3:22 PM + link ]

Tuesday, June 19, 2001

But I never dream about things like that! That's why it's weird.

Hell no, no JarJar Binks on here. I can't stand the thing, myself. Choose a character, FB... d0om, I'll see if I can find some Ewoks, otherwise, choose one of the main characters? (The idea is you each choose a character)

[ sailoreagle + 11:08 PM + link ]

Yeah, Star wars sounds pretty cool. But if you put JarJar Binks ANYWHERE near here I will personnaly come and kill you with a rusty wheelbarrow...

You have been warned ;)

[ Fat Burrick + 8:05 PM + link ]

You think that's a weird dream? I used to dream things like that all the time :p And Star Wars is good, those cuute Ewocks would be an idea :p

[ d0om + 2:40 PM + link ]

Oh, btw, I was thinking of making a new layout for this thing. Not a Thief one though... do you guys like Star Wars or not? Favourite character?

[ sailoreagle + 1:31 PM + link ]

What's probably the weirdest dream I've ever had...
It was Zantie's birthday, and we had decided to organize a birthday party in the Haunted Cathedral. The problem was, we had to get rid of the various zombies, haunts and ghosts that were still in there. But the undead had somehow evolved and were now capable of seeing in shadows. So, no hiding in shadows. The last thing I remember before waking up was being chased around the Cathedral by a huge mob of undead, searching frantically in my inventory for some flashbombs to throw at them with the 'r' key.

[ sailoreagle + 1:24 PM + link ]

Golf, revision, it's all good :-)

[ Iggles + 2:36 AM + link ]

Monday, June 18, 2001

hehe, another one :p

<Beany[away]> anyway whats cntrl Q do
<Beany[away]> ill try
<OnionBob> nothing, i was wrong
*** Beany[away] has left #thief
<Fat-Burrick> LOL
<OnionBob> lol
<OnionBob> hhahaha
<S|\|34k5|3> rofl

[ d0om + 6:37 PM + link ]

Saturday, June 16, 2001

/me wonders why guys are obsessed with testicles... :p

* Hanse wonders why guys are obsessed with testicles.
* sailoreagle shrugs
<sailoreagle> LOL
<Iggs|eating> I'm not!
<Fat-Burrick> Or something
* sailoreagle runs to the blog

[ sailoreagle + 8:41 PM + link ]

Fatteh! *shock* Thats....thats....funny as hell :p

(although slightly disturbing)

[ d0om + 6:06 PM + link ]

I'm a cow moo moo >:)

[ Fat Burrick + 3:33 PM + link ]

Friday, June 15, 2001

Whats wrong with lazyness? :p

[ d0om + 10:46 AM + link ]

Thursday, June 14, 2001

d0om hon, stop being lazy. <xmp> does make the formatting go screwy. :p

Iggs... you, busy revising? Busy playing golf, more like it ;)

[ sailoreagle + 10:19 PM + link ]

<Daxim> hello
<Fat-Burrick> hi
<Daxim> your website is pretty grim
<Daxim> please let me tell you what is wrong
<Fat-Burrick> no. bye

Ahh, Daxim will never change on his HTML crusade, and the ironic thing is, I'm using <xmp>to post this, which he says is not supposed to be used anymore O:)

[ d0om + 9:51 PM + link ]

Well, I've been much too busy revising to post here, oh yes O:-)

[ Iggles + 8:58 PM + link ]

Saturday, June 09, 2001

This is what happens when StarChat Admins decide to invade #thief

*** Dekon (Fractured@Admin.StarChat.Net) has joined #thief
<BigDave> ooh, Starchat Admin
<BigDave> we are honored
<BigDave> :p
<BigDave> hi btw
<Dekon> Who?
<BigDave> your server says you are admin.starchat.net
<Dekon> Hi
*** Akasha (akasha@ServOp.StarChat.Net) has joined #thief
<BigDave> eek, another one
<BigDave> hi
<Akasha> hi
<Raider`of`teh`lost`fridge> lo Akasha
<BigDave> server op this time :p
<Dekon> there are not server ops here.
*** Apollo (Cosmos@Admin.StarChat.Net) has joined #thief
<Raider`of`teh`lost`fridge> eek
<BigDave> dis is getting freeky
*** Tumbleweed (keter@Star6601.bdl0101.bdl.iprimus.net.au) has joined #thief
<Raider`of`teh`lost`fridge> heh
<BigDave> allo Weed
<UnderTow> weed isn't normal
<Tumbleweed> allo
<UnderTow> Allo :)
*** Siete (~Siete@Admin.StarChat.Net) has joined #thief
<BigDave> more normal than you, T0w :p
<Raider`of`teh`lost`fridge> oooh meh god
*** Raider`of`teh`lost`fridge is now known as Fat-Burrick
* UnderTow slaps BigDave around a bit with a large trout
* BigDave rams the trout down UnderTow's throat
<BigDave> right, this is wierd
<Tumbleweed> did I just get accused of normality?
<BigDave> yes
<UnderTow> you want a fresh one
<Vigil> eeep! We're being flooded with admins! It's a hostile takeover! ;)
<BigDave> cos there are lots of peeps with Admin.starchat.net and servop.starchat.net here
<Fat-Burrick> Any reason we are being invaded by Admins?
<BigDave> you raided there fridge
<Dekon> Vigil: All your base are belong to us.
<BigDave> they are not best pleased
<Fat-Burrick> Um
<Apollo> Yes, there is a problem
<Fat-Burrick> What is wrong?
<BigDave> no no no, its All your Daves are belong to Starr
<Apollo> Would you take the time in discussing this important issue?
<Vigil> Take off every zig!
<Apollo> If it is not taken serisouly, then action will have to be taken
<Fat-Burrick> what is it?
<Apollo> Now, are we sitting comfortably?
<Vigil> I'm not, hang on.
<Fat-Burrick> you're making me nervous
* Vigil snuggles up in the comfy chair
* Akasha passes out cushions
<Vigil> Right, shoot.
<Apollo> Someone has stolen my cheese roll from the starchat fridge
<Tumbleweed> oh no!
<Akasha> heh
<Apollo> and I'm hungry
<Apollo> bordering on the verge of having to eat someone
<Tumbleweed> It was probably uliginous. He has sticky fingers...
<BigDave> rofl
<Dekon> Hes not kidding, he'll do it.
<Apollo> We'd like the person who took it to step forward?
*** GZA (JJrime@Star6248.vip.uk.com) has joined #thief
<Dekon> Someone will be made into a stew.
<Fat-Burrick> IT WAS GZA!
<GZA> trouble?
* BigDave pokes GZA it was YOU!
<Apollo> ah GZA
* GZA looks ahead
<UnderTow> uliginous isn't even here for once
<GZA> B'KE????
<Fat-Burrick> look at his buttery fingers!
<BigDave> you stole cheese sarnie from the admin fridge!
<Vigil> Ho lee shit, you're right.

This carried on for a while ;)

[ Fat Burrick + 12:22 PM + link ]

Thursday, June 07, 2001

lol, burrick!

Iggles and his minigolf obsession...

*** D`JK has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)

[ sailoreagle + 9:24 PM + link ]

lol fatteh, you sicko :p

[ d0om + 10:36 AM + link ]

Wednesday, June 06, 2001

Must... buy... female sephiroth artwork...

[ Fat Burrick + 8:13 PM + link ]

This blog isn't dead, its just pining (for the fjords :p)

[ d0om + 11:55 AM + link ]

Tuesday, June 05, 2001

/me tries to revive the blog by posting a funny IRC quote

*** d0om sets mode: -o Iggles
<d0om> MWahahah now you are powerless!
<d0om> ;)
<Iggles> oh no.
<Iggles> whatever shall I do.
<d0om> ident?
<d0om> ;)

[ sailoreagle + 10:35 PM + link ]